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Blend4Web is an addition to Blender and allows us to visualize animations and games in the browser and to make it executable. How do we get the Berlin-Clock running in a browser? This question is conclusively clarified here.

Plugin oder SDK installieren

As for all add-on is at the start download and installation on the agenda. The add-on can be found at the following website: Blend4web

There are two options to download strictly available (three):

  • Blend4Web SDK Free
  • Blender Add-on

The Add-on has no Scene Viewer, Project Manager, Fast Preview, so it is recomended to download and use the SDK.

Installation SDK

A film shows what must be considered during installation. If you have overcome this hurdle, the development of the Berlin-Clock for the browser can be started.

Export as HTML page

More information to this topic is available in the menu Blend4Web. Direct link: Blend4Web-Tutorials