Übersicht: Python & Blender


a The creation of models with as few polygons as possible is a special type of 3D art. It's called Low Poly. With the help of scripts and the programming language Python we will automatically create new objects/worlds. Not everything is possible but some interesting results demonstrate how a script can help create interesting objects. Before we start scripting let's have a look to other art that is using minimalistic techniques.


  1. Search in the internet for other examples, which can lead to own ideas and objectives.
  2. Read the comment of the images. What is particularly emphased?


ASCII-Art, Origami or cubism are predecessors of Low-Poly-Models in a virtual Environment.


Sample: ASCII-ART (ASCII-Art-Collection)


Sample: Origami (Foto by Gila Oren (Wikipedia))

Sample: Kubismus; Kasimir Malewitsch
Woodcutter, 1912/13, oil on canvas (Image at Wikipedia)

Sample: Low-Poly-Art with Blender (Image at

Sample: Low Poly Art (Video)