Blender at School

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Each of the following lessons takes a topic from the school curriculum and uses a 3D world visualization to make it easier to to understand and more exciting. There are lessons from many subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and art, but there is room for many additional lessons from these and other subjects such as astronomy, computer science which are suitable for representation in a 3D world..


  1. Have a look at the learning units in this section.
  2. Do you have a new idea?
  3. Start with Python and Blender if you are not familiar with programming and/or the Python programming language.
  4. Use the available examples.
  5. Create your own exercises.


  • Representation of molecules (chemistry) [finished/available]
  • Laws of geometry (mathematics) [idea]
  • Examples of plants (biology) [idea]
  • Free fall (physics) [idea]
  • Inclined plane (physics) [idea]
  • Programming constructs like object oriented programming, control flow, modules (informatics) [finished, look at section Blender and Python basics]

Combination of two and more subjects

  • language and informatics [idea]
  • Your own ideas ...