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a Now we will finish the pyramid class


  1. Repeat the sub-steps shown here to create a class until you have a working version.
  2. Create a class of its own »primitive«, eg. a wedge or the base form of a hex key.
  3. Add a material to the class, which is given to the new object.

Design data for a mesh

Define the tip of the pyramid and defining the faces, is the last step.

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   def pyramid_values():
       This function takes inputs and returns vertex and face arrays.
       no actual mesh data creation is done here.
       verts = [(-1, +1, 0),
                (+1, +1, 0),
                (+1, -1, 0),
                (-1, -1, 0),
                (0, 0, +2)]

       faces = [(0, 1, 2, 3),

       return verts, faces

Defining the faces is done clockwise and remember the indes starts with 0.

The result

Now you are able to create as much pyramids as you like.


The final version of the class

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