Posts for year 2016

A 3D printed dress

A dress printed with a 3D printer

Python Moves: Text

Python moves: Text-Animation

School example topics

school topics?

Let’s Build A Simple Interpreter

Python: Let’s Build A Simple Interpreter

Announcement:: PyCon.DE 2016 Munich

PyCon.DE 2016 Munich

Announcement: Pyunconference Hamburg

Pyunconference Hamburg

Blend4Web: Labels

Blend4Web: Labels

Blend4Web: Installation and first test

Blend4Web: Installation

PyMove3D: Path-Animation

PyMove3D: Animation an einem Pfad

Announcement: Hochschulinformationstag

PyMove3D, Python basics with Blender at the ViNN-Lab

Art: low poly -- 3D Print

art: low poly tree with 3D printer


A special clock

Announcment: Workshop

Python basics with Blender

Generate artificial life

generate new artificial life